Measurables – Height 6’3″ – Weight: 273 pounds

2016 Stats – Total Tackles: 67 – Tackles for Loss: 19.5 – Sacks: 16


Demarcus Walker just knows football. He consistently makes great reads which puts him in strong positons to make plays. Walker has an absolutely vicious swim move that allows him to get past less athletic guards. He found most of his statistical success inside, but while on the edge, he consistently set the edge in order to prevent big plays. Walker is also a very strong player, and once he gets his hands on an opposing player, that player is going down.  Lastly, Demarcus Walker has an very high football IQ. He just knows the game inside and out, and that can easily be seen on film. His football IQ allows him to trust his instincts while setting the edge and rushing the passer.


The most glaring issue with Demarcus Walker is his inability to get off of blocks. Although he lit up the stat sheets, Walker consistently failed to get off blocks and disappeared for long stretches of games. Walker also struggled against strong tackles, and consistently moved inside in order to get going. Walker also found himself inside a lot because of FSU’s defensive scheme. Unfortunately, moving inside is not an option for Walker in the NFL, and he’ll have to strengthen his edge play. Another glaring issue for Walker, is his weakness against the run. On film, Walker consistently failed to get off blocks on run plays, which allowed for huge holes to be opened by opposing teams. While rushing the passer, Walker showed a small variety of moves, and relied on his spin move and athleticism to get to the passer. Walker also has a very weak motor, and once he’s blocked or out of the play, he’s not making the attempt to get back into it.

Closing Thoughts:

Walker is a very one dimensional player. Although he is one of the best pass rushers in the draft, his weakness against the run severely limits him. In a 3-4, Walker will find himself strictly as a situational pass rusher. In a 4-3, Walker may be able to gain weight to move inside, but it seems unlikely because of his weakness against the run, so again he’ll seem himself as a situational pass rusher. Walker is a very polished player, and his high football IQ gives him a place in the NFL. Walker has a relatively low ceiling, but should see immediate success as a situational pass rusher. Overall, Demarcus Walker is a solid mid to late second round talent, and should be sought after by teams that need to bolster their pass rush.